Could Submit Edge service really help my friends on optimizing website?

Several weeks ago, some of my friends came to me to ask about SEO services website. I found that they were totally very unfamiliar with search engine optimization. Then I tried to help them with the right information. I told them that they have to aware of importance of search engine rankings of website. Nowadays, there is a useful SEO services website which is available on Then they asked me whether SubmitEdge could help them on optimizing their website? I just want my friends know about this great information, because I love its services as it helped a lot to increase my knowledge of basic SEO concepts. So here I also want to share this with all of you as my beloved readers.
First of all, SubmitEdge is the ethical search optimization from offering services to improve SEO. Here is the best place to use all the necessary techniques that we are talking about some important things such as Directory Submission, Link Building, Content writing, etc. This is how to make the content of website can reach of viewers and customer. As you know that nowadays there are millions of websites, and this is how to make your website get its appearances.
I told to my friends that the most important thing in search engine optimization is the use of title tag which should be ensured as a creative one by making proper use of keywords. In a broader sense this technique is known as meta tags technique where a combination of title, description and keywords is made.
I also told to my friends was about the link popularity. If they want their website become more popular as other famous website, they have to use Link Building Service which provide by I explained moreover about how to optimize the website, I told them that SubmitEdge is also one of the most popular SEO firm. It offers a wide range of services to optimize their website. These services are done manually, meaning it does not use programs such as automated submitters. One of the most popular services is their Directory Submission Service. The buyer can choose different plans ranging from the submission of their sites to 100-5000 different directories at eight cents per submission. I told to my friends that they will receive one-way links which are permanent. They also receive a full submission report to see where their site has been submitted. These directories will have a PR 3-6.
The other feature which provide by SubmitEdge is Article Submission Service. It has great benefit when submitting website to article sites which is very popular among SEO experts, as it only gives my friends one way links from relevant sites but also increases traffic. It requires process of making account to various site then posting a unique articles. Moreover benefit from Article Submission is social bookmarking involves linking sites within the various forums, blogs, and message boards on social networking websites, blog sites and content centric sites.
So I have told detailed about SubmitEdge to my friends, they were very happy to get this great information. I also share here for those who want to know about You also can visit directly online for further information. Good Luck, guys.