Do you have already updated your general information about file extension, today? This is an important part of data file which is commonly used to store application information. File extension is the suffix at the end of a file name, which indicates what kind of file it is. For examples such as “book.doc” is a Microsoft Document, or “picture.JPG” is a JPEG image file, based on the “.jpg” and “.doc” are file extension. Lately, there are thousands of software programs available, and there are also thousands of file extensions. Nowadays, there are  lots of file extension discovery which are become a new knowledge for us. Some of you might be wondering what is another discovery of file extension these days, it is file extension ifo which is used by information files DVD video disks. These file store the vital information as headers that are needed for DVD playing hardware or software application to display the video and audio tracks in a correct and synchronized way. These file extension ifo also associated with .VRO or .VOB file which contains the actual video and audio tracks. These file is possible to open directly from several application including Wired Widestream, Apple DVD Player and Roxio Toast upon a Mac OS based Apple computer, and similarly need either CyberLink PowerDVD, Roxio Easy Media Creator, WinDVD or the Nero ShowTime, upon a Windows based PC.
file extension ifo even has another software, it is called Driver Cure which will be Updated all your drivers instantly and also it is free to download. This software will scan and check your computer system to see which drivers need to be updated. Driver cure will gives you some information which drivers can cause your computer errors for all this time because it is outdated. There is also one thing you should know that to prevent your computer will crash and incompatibility of drivers, driver cure only recommends official drivers for your computer, so it will not make your system errors worst.

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  6. do tou know, what the software to open .wml ??