Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Solution to create pdf file

I met an old friend when I was having dinner, a couple weeks ago. She is my old friend in high school, and now she is working as a secretary in a famous company. I saw that she was not in good mood actually, then she told me that she did some mistakes on her job. She asked me to gave her a solution for her problems at work. One of her problems is about how to keep safety her document files. As a secretary, she has many job description such as creating some document files, saving and making them secure to transfer to some customers or partners at work. She usually creating document files and saving them on file format like word documents, excel spreadsheets, powerpoint slideshow presentation, etc. Unfortunately, she has never heard before that there are many others file format like PDF (Portable Document Format). Then she asked me about how she can create PDF file from all her document files which were in word document file format or how she can converted some PDF file on web to word documents. So I think this is one of her big problems, then I have to give her some better solutions with PDF converted which this software has some excellent features.
I recommended pdf software to her, because it is the best most preffered format file if someone want to use for sending via email which the documents will free of some viruses and suitable for attaching or forwarding. Some benefits while using this powerfull PDF converted are the documents can converted from any application format files and also easily to convert from PDF files to Microsoft Office suite within minutes. or convert pdf to word too And then, because of safety documents are necessary, with PDF converted can be saved in secure way like password protected, so the original quality of documents will not be edited or altered by someone else.
Now, she can easily to keep safety her documents well without any fear, and she becomes so excited when she has to create more files and keep safe them to transfer to her partner. Last night, I have got her message on email, that she has no problems at all because now she is helped by pdf conversion


  1. Ive had the same problems with your girl friend also several times.. I'll take a look at that software..

  2. Dengan segenap jiwa dan raga saya minta dukungannya mas! andaikan anda tidak berkenan silakan hapus comentar saya ini, Makasih sebelumnya

  3. WAh, mantep ni softwarenya, biasanya si saya pakai Open Office untuk buat PDF...

  4. we can convert pdf to word or word to pdf on the internet without download anything and it's free. try search on google to find it out.