Have you ever found a docx file while you are working on your computer, or maybe some of your partners have ever emailed you a docx file? Then when you were getting to open it, it did dot worked even you have tried many times and Windows still could not opened it. These problems usually happen to you as you are always using computer to make and save some documents. So absolutely now you really want to know more how to open a file extension docx ? Well, here are the right solutions to solve the problem with file extension docx. First you have to know that a file with the extension .docx is a new file format of Word Document in Microsoft Office 2007. Maybe you still have the previous software package like Microsoft office 2003. Then, make sure that you have already installed new software package which is Microsoft Office 2007 in your PC system and also make sure that you have not any problems with its register. File extension docx is a Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format Document file which is Microsoft Office 2007 uses when it saves documents in a new default format. Another problem perhaps can be occur when you have attached a document with the file extension is docx and sent it by email to your partner and the document still could not be opened successfully even you have already installed the application.  There is one thing that you also have to know is before you send it to your partner you just convert the file extension from “.docx” into “.doc”, it means you just convert to word 2003 document which is the previous version of Microsoft Office. Then the document can be opened by your partner. So now you are able to open, edit or create and a document file using files extension docx without any charges.

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  1. hmm.. this is a real good information, once again thanks for sharing the knowledge. I'll keep that in mind

  2. Terimakasih sharingnya semoga bermanfaat bagi semua pembaca,
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  3. Informasi yang menarik adalah informasi yang membuat pembacanya mendapatkan manfaat darinya.
    Semoga informasi anda menjadi salah satunya.

  4. yes, i see.. i know that, thanks for sharing

  5. It annoys me that Microsoft would create a new 4 character extension that's not natively compatible with previous versions of Word. Same situation with Excel. It reminds me of cell phone companies who make different cables recargers for new model phones and force you to buy new accessories.

  6. Dengan segenap jiwa dan raga saya minta dukungannya mas! andaikan anda tidak berkenan silakan hapus comentar saya ini, Makasih sebelumnya

  7. the file .docx is wad compression by Microsoft and like to open by winzip, rar, etc